PR Agency of the Year Award

Supporting Statement

Following a recommendation, Buttonwood Marketing started working for Vaisala’s Industrial Measurement division in 2019. At that time, they were only responsible for helping to launch our Multigas Probes (MGP) for the inline measurement of key gases within biogas. This activity was very successful and the new technology soon became widely known – you may recall that last year, a version of this Vaisala technology won Gas Detection Product of the Year! Following Buttonwood’s success with the Multigas probe PR campaign, Buttonwood marketing was awarded responsibility for all of our Industrial Measurement division’s PR in the UK.

We believe that the reason behind Buttonwood Marketing’s success is the quality of their writing and the technical understanding that their Graham Meller, in particular, has. Not only does Graham understand our technologies, but he also has a wealth of knowledge in the markets that we operate within. As a consequence, we do not have to spend long periods of time educating Graham, and better still, when he sends us draft text; all we usually have to do is reply saying “That’s great Graham, thanks!” We also know that Graham’s writing is appreciated by editors and journalists, and this is clear from the high levels of publicity that Buttonwood Marketing achieves on our behalf.

As you might expect, we track Vaisala’s publicity globally and thanks to Buttonwood’s work, UK levels of publicity for us are amongst the highest for us every quarter – even rivalling China and the USA! In 2022, Buttonwood Marketing’s work on our behalf was so successful that, from Jan 2023, we engaged them to also cover the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Sweden.

In conclusion, we would find it difficult to comprehend how any PR agency other than Buttonwood Marketing could win this award – Buttonwood Marketing thoroughly deserves to win it!

Finally, if any other company reads this and is thinking of approaching Buttonwood Marketing to do their PR; don’t bother – they’re too busy!!

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