Sustainability Award

Devtank Ltd

Supporting Statement

At Devtank, we are a company focused on sustainability and aiding in building a circular economy. We are delighted to be
delivering energy management systems to businesses and local authorities.
If a potential customer is looking to decarbonise their business and monitor environmental performance, then our Open
Smart Monitor ENV01 is the recommended product.
Our OpenSmartMonitor can record and monitor parameters such as:
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Air Quality
• Light Level
• Sound
• Water Consumption
• Gas Consumption
• Electricity Consumption
• Carbon Emissions
Measuring and monitoring what you already use and waste is the first step needed to make improvements to your
environmental performance, supporting better management of resources and reduce energy consumption. Our innovations
have already powered businesses across the UK to understand and start making significant saving in energy usage and using
smart factory control to gain an increased management of resources. Compared to other options on the market, we offer a
unique selling proposition surrounding its Open Source underpinnings. Our products can be modified or adapted by the
user to give them the option to fix problems internally and also have a longer life span than vendor locked alternatives
where the licensing can expire or software is no longer maintained. We aim to break the make versus buy dilemma. As a
result this helps us create a sustainable product that also provides environmental and economical benefits.
We pride ourselves in going above and beyond when it comes to understanding our customers businesses and performing a
data driven deep dive of their environmental footprint. We can then use technology to exploit significant improvements by
the adoption of smart sensors and control solutions. Our systems which are manufactured using industrial IOT sensors
provide LoRaWAN wireless monitoring of the key performance indicators mentioned above.
Together with our partners Lindhurst Engineering we can take care of all aspects of support including installation,
maintenance and technical support to provide a turn key package. Our smart dashboards are built using open source
Grafana software providing real time data in a range of graphs and gauges which are easily readable for the user within our
cloud based data hosting packages. Dashboards are accessible from any PC via a web page login and can be presented on
large public display screen.

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